Mountain rescue charity walk turns into real life exercise

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Volunteers from the Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue ended up carrying out a challenging rescue as the casualty was in a remote part of Fylingdales Moor.

The female walker, although being well-equipped, had slipped and hurt her leg high up on Burn Howe Rigg on Saturday afternoon and not even the mountain rescue team’s specialist 4x4 vehicles could reach her.

Sweepers following the charity walkers were quickly on hand to administer initial first aid but with the RAF SeaKing and the air ambulance unable to attend it was up to the mountain rescue team.

A team of 15 volunteers had to carry rescue equipment on foot for over a mile over multi- terrain before reaching the casualty. They then had to carry her on a stretcher for over a mile back to their vehicles.

After transfer to one of the team Landrover Ambulances she was taken to hospital for further treatment.

Team members then made their way, on foot and in vehicles, back to various checkpoints for the rest of the walk. In all seventeen team members were involved in the rescue, which lasted almost three hours.

Ian Hugill, from the mountain rescue team said: “It was hard work. It was well out on the moors and even though it was good weather it was still cold and the risk of hyperthermia was there and then there was the carry off.

“There were eight people around the stretcher and four behind and we rotated the people around. It was a lot of people needed to carry one person off a hill.

“We treated it as a break but it turned out to be a bad sprain and she could not bear any weight on it.”

The woman involved has given permission for pictures from the rescue to be used to highlight the work done by the Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain rescue team.

Mr Hugill added: “There were 136 people on the moors and these things happen and that’s why we have sweepers and check points and this was a good example of the set up working.”

The Falcon Flyer walk is one of three challenge events held throughout the year to raise funds for the organisation.