Moors plea to keep your dog on lead

DOG owners are being asked to keep their prized pooches on a lead when out walking on the moorland.

The North York Moors National Park has made the appeal to look after ground-nesting birds and their young between now and the end of July.

And to ensure anyone walking their dog can still enjoy the North York Moors, a 25-strong mix of coastal, countryside and woodland walks have been detailed which avoid moorland areas with the most sensitive wildlife and avoid fields containing livestock.

Sarah Blakemore, the National Park Authority’s Access Officer said: “Dogs are naturally inquisitive and may mean no harm, but ground-nesting birds are easily scared and will fly away until the perceived threat has passed.

“This risks their eggs getting cold and not hatching or leaves the eggs or young at risk from predators.

“Also, a loose dog can frighten pregnant ewes and cause them to abort their lambs.’’

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