'Missing' divers found to be safe and well after RNLI search

Staithes lifeboat station. Picture: James Hardisty.
Staithes lifeboat station. Picture: James Hardisty.

A swift response by Staithes and Runswick RNLI ensured the safety of two kayakers who had been reported missing by a member of the public.

The alarm was raised after a walker near Hummersea, between Staithes and Skinningrove, noticed that two kayakers were no longer on their craft and could not be seen.

Staithes RNLI inshore lifeboat Sheila & Dennis Tongue III was quickly on the scene on Monday evening and established that the kayakers were not missing but wreck diving.

Their kayaks were flying the appropriate diving flags and the crew stood off until the two divers surfaced and were found to be in no difficulties.

A spokesman for Staithes RNLI said it was a false alarm with good intent: “It was understandable that the walker was concerned.

“It’s always a good idea for divers to let the Coastguard know their plans before setting off,” they said.

Elsewhere Whitby Coastguard also responded to a false alarm with good intent. A report came in that two people wre cut off by the tide near to the east pier. A search of the area revealed that nobody was found to be in any difficulty, but the Coastguard thanked the member of the public for reporting their concerns.

They added: “Calling 999 in these cases is always the right thing to do.”