Mine mysteries abound in new book on Boulby

Author Chris G Thomas
Author Chris G Thomas

A miner at Cleveland Potash has just completed his very first novel, with some of his work-mates at Boulby inspiring characters in the book.

Into the Eyes of the Gods, by Chris G Thomas, is an action adventure story that starts its life underground at the mine.

Into the Eyes of the Gods, by Chris G Thomas

Into the Eyes of the Gods, by Chris G Thomas

The story begins following a massive underground collapse where a team of long hole drillers just about escape with their lives. One guy is badly injured and chatting to his mates, tells them he felt he’d been knocked down and grabbed by something very strong.

This is verified by his “gaffer” who knows that when he and another chap went to pick the injured man up from the ground, he felt like there was a “tug of war” going on over their friend. They make it to the safe haven and are rescued sometime later.

Surveyors and geologists sent underground to find answers make an amazing discovery – they find a cavern has opened up following a floor collapse, unlike the usual roof and sidewall collapses the mine endures.

While gathering evidence from within this new cavern, they find bones, thousands of bones, both animal and human – some still very fresh.

Fearing a religious sect carrying out sacrifices in the underground cavern, the police send in a SOCO team to gather evidence. They are all slaughtered – but by what?

Further evidence of petroglyphs carved into the limestone walls indicate the existence of an ancient race, the Olmec, which existed 1500 BC.

Further frightening discoveries are made. The police are powerless to help.

They contact an elite team of SBS special forces to wipe out the threat from underground.

The battle ensues underground between an ancient, malevolent god and the British Special Forces.

The SF team have an ace up their sleeves, as well as their own expertise and weapons, they have the Fearless Bulls.

Reaction has gone well.

“The vast majority of characters in my novel are named after some of the guys I work with at Boulby,” said Chris.

“I have sold nearly 150 actual books and 10 Kindle versions.

“My work colleagues and others who have read it, have all given me some very good feedback to date.

“Some said it would make an amazing film, many wanting the second novel, the sequel, which I haven’t even started yet.”

The book is now available on Amazon and Kindle.