Melting snow causes flooding

Flooding near Boulby Mine''w130423c
Flooding near Boulby Mine''w130423c

WHAT a difference a week makes.

Just last week Whitby was under a cover of snow while strong winds led to blizzards, snow drifts and the main routes in and out of Whitby being closed off because they were impassable.

But as temperatures rose rapidly on Saturday and Sunday much of the snow which has been on the ground for the last fortnight melted causing flash flooding across the district.

On Sunday morning the owner of this car was caught out travelling to work at 6.30am.

The car was submerged in water up to the windows and was left stranded on the A174 coast road just north of Boulby Mine heading towards Easington.

It had to be recovered later in the afternoon as the water had caused the electrics to fail.

Surface water was also causing issues around Staithes.

On Monday evening fire crews from Whitby were called to a cottage in Ugglebarnby which became flooded after a drain collapsed.

Water had been running past the house but then started to go inside and a pump was used to divert water away from the home.

They were at the scene for an hour and half.