Meet the family which just loves visiting Whitby

'The Family' in Whitby for their 25th anniversary'w113202
'The Family' in Whitby for their 25th anniversary'w113202

ARE ‘the family’ Whitby’s most devoted holiday makers?

Back in the late 1940s Bruce Rolls came to Whitby on holiday with his parents and then later with his two younger brothers John and Peter.

The trio, now aged 74, 70 and 65 respectively, still come to Whitby every year for their holidays with the entire and now much extended Rolls family.

This is the 25th consecutive year they have arrived en masse from various parts of the UK and there are 61 of them.

They are staying in 12 cottages in the Church Street part of town and have become quite familiar to the locals.

John said: “When the bridge was closed last year I was on a bus and talking to someone and I said we come every year and she said ‘oh, are you one of the family?’”.

The tradition started in 1987 when John and Peter, who by then had their own children, decided rather than spend the summer taking day trips they would stay in Whitby for a week and rented two cottages in Arguments Yard.

That was ‘the first Whitby’ and since then they have not wanted to go anywhere else.

Some family members have even travelled from Australia to make the annual pilgrimage which often includes a drink or two in the Friendship Rowing Club, a walk to Robin Hood’s Bay and Sandsend and a couple of rounds of golf.

To mark the 25th anniversary some of the family went out on rowing boats and there was a party in the Friendship which has become their favourite watering hole quite by accident.

Peter said: “The first year we came we were invited to have a drink in there by the person that owned the cottage as associate members and then we became members.”

No trip to the seaside would be complete without sampling some fish and chips and the family’s favourites are the Magpie, Trenchers and Mister Chips.

Peter now lives in Ipswich, John in York and others further afield such as Chichester, Weston-Super-Mare, Southall and Cheltenham.

The youngest holiday maker this year is 10-month-old Samuel who is Peter’s grandson.

Peter added: “It is the perfect resort for us.

“We can walk around the quaint streets, go on big walks, there is something for everyone and the children.

“Everyone that comes just wants to come again.

“Of course we are looking forward to coming back next year and the next 25 years.”

The 61 visitors will all start to make their way home to tomorrow.