Mayfield delays cannot be defended says councillor

Traffic Chaos, Mayfield Road junction.
Traffic Chaos, Mayfield Road junction.

The majority of work to improving Mayfield Road junction has now been completed according to the county council.

It says it is four weeks ahead of schedule and the underground ducts which will carry the cables for the new traffic lights are finished and contractors are now beginning work to install the foundations for new traffic light poles.

Above ground, works will now start to take place so there will be more visible activity around the junction.

One of the other more notable changes is going to be that the filter lane that connects the New Bridge to Mayfield Road will be permanently closed.

It will be replaced by a left turn controlled by traffic lights.

Restricted traffic lanes and temporary traffic lights will be used over the coming week but will be removed over the weekend and each evening.

However, the daytime has been seen huge backlogs of traffic again both over the New Bridge and down Prospect Hill.

It has been compounded by delays on alternative routes as swing bridge openings creating long tailbacks through the town centre.

Town was almost gridlocked again on Monday and some reported it took an hour to get from Stakesby Vale to East Whitby School and back.

Cllr Joe Plant said he was disappointed that despite being told last week traffic flow would be sorted, this was still not the case.

He added: “I cannot continue to praise the traffic management, when in fact it seems to be getting worse.”

“We are pleased that the works are progressing well and on schedule though we are aware that problems with queuing traffic at the junction continue to cause some issues at times for the travelling public.”

It is proposed re-surfacing will be done overnight.