Man asks for help in tracing relatives of 1900s Whitby family

The Williams family
The Williams family

A man is appealing for help from Whitby Gazette readers in trying to trace some relatives of family members who lived in Whitby a century ago.

They were called Williams and lived at two addresses – 2 Horner’s Terrace in 1911, and 36 Esk Terrace in 1928.

Whitby watercolour by John Wynne Williams

Whitby watercolour by John Wynne Williams

Harry Stringer, who contacted for Gazette asking for help, emailed us the picture above which was found in an old tin box when his father Harry died in 1970.

He said: “The man (bottom row second from left) we believe was John Wynne Williams (a water colour artist, famous in his time), and his wife Emma Wilson (Bottom row, second from right).

“We believe this is a picture is of his family, and that he is the young man, standing top row, second from right.

“We knew nothing about my father’s family until we found this picture. We would to love to trace them.”

The picture led Mr Stringer to start searching family history records and he discovered that the picture was taken outside 36 Esk Terrace in Whitby.

“We’ve since visited the property and it’s still possible to see exactly where the group picture was taken.

“John Wynne Williams (Mr Stringer’s grandfather) had a studio at 5 Easterby’s Yard, Flowergate.

“It seems from death records that he actually died at 5 Easterby’s Yard in 1923.”

It is likely that the young man top row, second from right is Harry Williams, Mr Stringer’s father.

“We don’t know who the others are, but it’s possible the young woman top row second from left is Harry William’s fiancée or wife (Hannah Keith).”

Mr Stringer, who lives in Ebberston, is trying to confirm who all the people in the photo are and to make contact with any still alive, or with living relatives who can help him connect with long-lost family members.

If you can help in any way, email to pass on any useful information.