Making a '˜head' start on closer relations

Whitby's two secondary schools, Caedmon and Eskdale, are looking forward to closer working next year under new headteachers.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 2:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 2:17 pm
Fromleft: New Eskdale Head Andy Fyfe, Eskdale Chair of Governors Gillian Teanby, Caedmon Chair of Governors Pen Cruz and new Caedmon College Head Simon Riley.

Simon Riley, who will be the new principal for Caedmon College and Andrew Fyfe, new headteacher for Eskdale, will be working with their governing bodies to form a closer partnership in continuing to raise standards of teaching and learning for students in the town. Both have an impressive track record as senior leaders.

“This is good for the students and good for the town” said Gillian Teanby, Eskdale’s chair of governors. “We are making a lot of progress in working together and we look forward to continuing to improve the quality of education with the support of our new headteachers.”

Governors of both schools thank Keith Prytherch, who has retired as Caedmon’s principal and Sue Whelan, retired headteacher of Eskdale, for their hard work and commitment.

Pen Cruz, chair of governors of Caedmon, said: “Both schools have a great deal to look forward to next year in continuing to improve education for Whitby’s young people.”

Caedmon and Eskdale have collaborated this year on PE provision and worked together on the recent Captain Cook 250 celebrations in Whitby.