Magpie Recipe: skate wrap – serves four

Chef Paul Gildroy
Chef Paul Gildroy

Here is this week’s Magpie fish recipe of the week, courtesy of chef Paul Gildroy.


2 x 500g Skate wings

8 flour tortillas

2 green peppers (finely sliced)

3-4 red chillies (finely sliced)

2 red onion (finely sliced)

12 cherry tomatoes (finely sliced)

2 avocados (sliced)

2 limes juice of

2 shots of Tequila

2-3 tsp cumin seeds

4 tsp smoked paprika

2 tblsp chopped coriander

2 spring onions chopped

soured cream to serve

oil for cooking

salt and pepper.


Heat a little oil in a large frying pan, add the sliced peppers and chillies.

Sauté until golden, remove them from the pan,set aside and then lay in the skate wings (thickest side first) season the facing side with salt, pepper, cumin seeds and smoked paprika then turn the skate over and season this side.

After 1 minute remove the pan from the heat and pour in the Tequila (be careful as this can still flare up). Place the pan of skate into a preheated oven 220•c gas 8 for 5-8 minutes.

While the skate is cooking, mix together the peppers, chillies, red onion, tomatoes, coriander and lime, season with salt and pepper.

Warm the tortillas and lay in the slices of avocado. Once the skate is cooked, remove the pan from the oven, pouring any juices in the onion mix, and with a fork carefully scrape the meat off the skate wings (this should pull easily away from the cartilage-like bones), turn the fish over and do the same.

Place all the meat into the onion mix and mix well, share between the tortillas, roll them up tightly then cut in half. Place them onto a plate, sprinkle over some sliced spring onions and extra chillies and serve with soured cream.