Lythe School’s big idea to create angel statue

An example of wood sculptor Ed Elloitt's work. Copyright Ed Elliott. Visit to find out more.
An example of wood sculptor Ed Elloitt's work. Copyright Ed Elliott. Visit to find out more.

Lythe School has embarked on an exciting project – creating a sculpture inside the school grounds that is large enough to be visible from the road.

Collaboration and help was sought from nationally known sculptor Ed Elliott who has filled many commissions for the National Trust.

He was enthusiastic about working with school children and gave generously of his time to make two visits to Lythe.

Mr Elliott spent a day talking with the children and loved their imaginative approach to life.

In the end a preference was expressed for one of the two angel forms. The UK already has a nationally recognised Angel of the North (Gateshead), the work of sculptor Antony Gormley.

The Angel of Lythe will be much humbler, but the school hopes it will be equally appreciated be all who see it.

Lord Normanby most generously allowed Mr Elliott to meet with the forester in Mulgrave Wood to find a suitable tree.

Jim Mortlock, the forester, immediately picked out a mighty Douglas Fir that has reached the end of its nearly two hundred years’ of life.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We are delighted that the children will be able to watch the form appearing from the timber from week to week in a barn that the Estate will clear next door to the school. Although Mr Elliott lives down south, he is willing to come and do the work up here so that the children can be part of it.

“Now money is being raised to fund the project.

“We plan to celebrate its unveiling in June, when we hope that Lord Normanby will reveal it to us and Bishop Paul, Bishop of Whitby, will bless it. If anyone could make suggestions as to how we might work to raise money in ways we haven’t thought of please contact the school.

“The members of the governing body who are devoting time and energy to fundraising are Jo Stonehouse and Sarah Arnold, both of whom can be contacted via the school office.”