Local youth hostels calling for volunteers

The spectacular site of Whitby's youth hostel.
The spectacular site of Whitby's youth hostel.

Youth Hostels in Boggle Hole and Whitby are calling on members of the local community to volunteer and get involved with its new Supporter Groups initiative.

Supporter Groups are being established at Youth Hostels throughout England and Wales and are designed to bring together people who would like to volunteer on a regular basis.

As well as volunteers, a co-ordinator for each of the new YHA Supporter Groups at Whitby and Boggle Hole are also being sought.

Whether you have DIY, creative, gardening or organisational skills, YHA would love to hear from people who would be interested in joining its Supporter Group. Volunteering offers a great opportunity to make new friends and contribute to the local community.

Anyone over the age of 14 is able to become a YHA volunteer.

Keith Webster, Duty Manager at YHA Boggle Hole said: “We appreciate every single hour of time that people volunteer with us as it helps us maintain and run the Youth Hostels.

“We really want to get our new Support Groups off the ground and it relies on people in the community coming forward and getting involved. “

Visit https://jobs.yha.org.uk/volunteering-form/ to find out more about getting into volunteering.