Local inspector takes charge at Whitby

Andy Colbourne
Andy Colbourne

Now then lad...

THE new inspector at the helm of policing in Whitby is from the town and especially wanted to be posted back to where he lives.

Insp Andy Colbourne has taken over from Mark Grange who has now been promoted to a Chief Inspector’s role at York.

He spent two years based at Scarborough but when the position came up at Whitby he jumped at the chance.

Insp Colbourne said: “I wanted a safer neighbourhood command and wanted to police an area that I live in and had an interest in.

“I want to build on the excellent results in relation to crime reduction that have been achieved under Insp Grange and the team.”

Some of the ways he intends to do that are tackling metal thefts and drugs offences which he says are becoming more common.

He added: “Rural communities benefit travelling criminals - there are plenty of arterial routes for them to get in and out.

“There has been an increase in drugs. It is not massive but significant enough for us to want to tackle it.

“We will engage with schools and colleges and try and educate people. We are not talking about heroin and cocaine but recreational drug use and we don’t want for that to increase to supplying.”

Insp Colbourne is in charge of a team of 26 police officers, six police community support officers and five sergeants who between them cover Whitby town centre and the surrounding villages.

He said: “Whitby is safe when you compare it to other towns of a similar type and geography - we just need to nip any increase in crime in the bud.”