Local GPs tips for staying safe in warm weather

A Whitby GP has given his tips for keeping cool as summer temperatures continue to soar.

Dr George Campbell speaking on behalf of the NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) urged residents to give consideration to those who may be more vulnerable during extreme weather conditions.

Warm weather, whilst usually welcomed by most people, can bring with it a number of health risks particularly for the young, the elderly and people with a long term health condition.

He also advised people to drink plenty of water, use sun protection and to be aware of the increased risk of food poisoning.

Dr Campbell said: “It is really important that vulnerable people are given additional care and attention as the temperatures continue to soar, and everyone can take some simple steps to help do this.

“For those with babies and young children it is important to ensure they have appropriate skin protection, they are kept hydrated and not exposed to the direct sun for prolonged periods.

“At night it is important for parents to avoid sleeping with the baby in the same bed, as well as ensuring babies do not have too many layers of clothing or bedding.

“Sleeping with the baby, whilst it may feel like a natural part of bonding, can lead to the baby overheating and accidents can also happen.

“For the elderly and people with long term conditions it is important for families, carers and neighbours to be vigilant and look out for them to ensure they are coping with the temperature changes.

“Simple steps such as sipping cold drinks rather than a usual cup of tea and staying inside during the hottest part of the day, can make a big difference.”