Littlebeck star tells about film role

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Fresh from playing a murderess in ITV’s drama, Dark Angel, Joanne Froggatt has spoken about her new film, A Street Cat Named Bob.

In an interview with this month’s edition of The Big Issue magazine, which was being sold in Baxtergate, she explained what drew her to the role: “I thought it would make a wonderful feelgood film that we could tell in a very real, grown-up way,” she said. “How fantastic that this guy has changed his life around.”

Joanne plays Val, a social worker who helps the central character, James, on his road to recovery.

The film is based on the best-selling true story of how James Bowen, a drug addict and busker, turned his life around after he met a stray ginger cat.

Joanne, who used to work part-time in a Whitby fish and chip restaurant, also said that she spent time getting to know the real James Bowen.

She said: “James and Bob were in every day and I spent many hours chatting with James. It is their story, so it is right that they should have ownership of it.”

Joanne’s character, Val plays both a housing worker for James and a drugs consellor.

A Street Cat Named Bob (12A) will be showing at Whitby Pavilion from December 11-14.

Whitby’s best known actress recently starred in the ITV drama re-telling of the story of Mary Ann Cotton, a woman who is believed to have poisoned as many as 21 people in Victorian England. Dark Angel was a two-part drama, filmed in large parts on the North-East Coast.

She said that filming locally offered her the chance to stay with her parents: “It’s been lovely to film here. Although Downton Abbey was set in Yorkshire it was filmed down south at Highclere Castle and Ealing Studios.

“We also had a couple of days at Saltburn, which is very close to home. So I got to stay with my parents for a few nights.”

Joanne has also featured in another new film called Starfish, which is once again based on a true story, following a family who are thrown into turmoil when the husband contracts sepsis, a brutally damaging illness.