Lights go out at Castle Park

Over 150 homes were left without power for three hours on Tuesday night after a generator failed.

The lights went out over the Castle Park area of town just before 6pm.

It was eventually restored around 9pm.

A spokesperson for Northern Powergrid said properties in that part of town were being powered by a generator which tripped out but they were back on the proper network by Wednesday evening.

There had been some concerns that the power cut was due to preparation and groundworks in relation to a planning applicationby York based developer, S Harrison, for over 200 new houses on Sneaton Castle land.

However, a spokesperson for Powergrid said: “We are sorry for the power loss and are getting the fault amended.

“We are committed to long term investment.

It is upgrades to the network that we are doing and building a new sub-station at Sneaton Castle, giving us a long term supply.

“It is not related to the new housing development.