Lights, camera ... and action on Fyling Hall School stage

editorial image

A new lighting system has been installed to give a welcome boost to drama students at Fyling Hall.  

Every student visits the barn at least on a weekly basis as it is home to assemblies, school dances and to the Drama Department. 

Serving so many purposes, it is only right that the wonderful barn recently received a bit of a facelift. 

As part of our ongoing development plan, Mrs Jeeves has, thanks to Simon Williams, installed a new lighting system. 

“GCSE and A-level drama are increasingly encouraging students to complete the courses as lighting and sound designers,” said Mrs Jeeves.

“Enhancing our facilities and teaching our students how to use them is an important part of our curriculum.

“The new lights are also an exciting development for students who are less confident performing or those who are more technologically inclined.

“We look forward to our March exams and seeing the lights in action.”