Lifeguards help save 12 lives in same day

Shot for Nigel Millard's book the Lifeboat: Courage on our Coasts page
Shot for Nigel Millard's book the Lifeboat: Courage on our Coasts page

Whitby and Sandsend’s RNLI lifeguards had their skills put to the test when they helped save 12 lives in the same day.

The first rescue on Whitby beach last Wednesday involved a mother and her child caught in a rip current. Agustin Lanzavecchia assisted the pair using his rescue tube and brought them back to the beach.

HIs colleague Santiago Cattoni, then rescued a father and his two daughters who got into trouble whilst surfing.

An RNLI spokesperson said he entered the sea in sizable surf and used his rescue board and rescue tube to guide them back to the shore.

Three bodyboarders were then rescued with the help of fellow lifeguard Josh Jones.

All casualties were assessed and found to be injury free.

The team at Sandsend also experienced a hectic day dealing with a further three rescues. The first involved a young girl submerged by a wave while bodyboarding.

Lifeguard Mia Hall was monitoring the beach and spotted the child in difficulty and recovered her using a rescue tube.

She was checked over and her parents were advised about secondary drowning.

Mia and lifeguard Luke Hutchinson then aided two body boarders caught in a rip current using rescue tubes and boards.

The lifeguarding team attended a third incident and helped a young boy who was being submerged by the water after losing his footing.

Mia Hall brought the child ashore with the help of a member of the public.

The casualties all received a clean bill of health and were given tips on how to stay safe at the seaside.

Colleagues in Scarborough on that same day dealt with three children and two body boarders in rip currents, a man who fell short of breath after swimming, and a woman who fell ill and was slipping out of consciousness on the beach.

In addition they treated six people for weaver fish stings and located several missing children.