Lifeguard call for town’s Tate Hill beach

Tate Hill beach ''w132502a
Tate Hill beach ''w132502a

Lifeguards will not patrol the sands’s of Whitby’s Tate Hill beach because the borough council do not class it as one.

The chairman of Whitby Town Council’s harbour committee Phil Trumper raised the issue at a meeting of the committee this week.

He told the Whitby Gazette he was surprised with the borough council’s response: “Scarborough Borough Council don’t regard Tate Hill as a proper beach,” he said. It’s often packed and people have been using the beach for years.

“It’s used by a lot of locals, it’s a massive asset for the town, it’s a shame it’s not looked after properly.
“We’ve got lifeguards on the long sands to make sure people are safe. There isn’t that on Tate Hill and it’s used by a lot of people. There have been a few incidents down there.”

During the meeting councillors debated whether lifeguard services could be provided but came to the agreement they would at least push for more lifebelts in the area and will write to the borough council and harbour board about the issues.

Coun Trumper told councillors a beach clean-up involving both councils, the harbour board, organisations and businesses as well as members of the public , would be a good way of improving the overall appearance of Tate Hill.

It has set a date for the clean up of July 21.

“I reckon we could do a proper beach clean up and get volunteers to come and get the harbour board and Scarborough Borough Council involved and get rid of all the twigs and stones and boulders and everything,” he added.

“There’s no beach warden to take control in summer .

“When it’s busy there are dogs running wild and people injuring themselves.”

Borough harbour master said in response to Coun Trumper’s comments: “The Tate Hill area of the harbour is not a designated bathing beach and bathing and swimming are strongly discouraged.

“The navigable channel of water is subject to strong tidal flows and people are also at risk from buoy chains, the dredger mooring and the general operation of vessels that regularly enter and leave the harbour.

“While we appreciate the town council’s concern for those people who choose to take risks and enter the water, the introduction of lifeguards is not something we can support because this would send out a signal that it is a bathing beach, which would be misleading because it isn’t.”