Lifboat rescues 90ft fishing boat - again!

Whitby's All Weather lifeboat, the George and Mary Webb.
Whitby's All Weather lifeboat, the George and Mary Webb.

Whitby’s lifeboat was called out to rescue a 90ft fishing boat after it ran aground in the harbour.

The George and Mary Webb and the inshore lifeboat were launched just before 5pm to give assistance to Chieftain, which had 14 crew members on board.

The 180 tonne vessel lost steerage with the rudder and got stuck at the side of the east pier.

With help from the Coastguard and Whitby’s old lifeboat, the Mary Ann Hepworth, which is now used for pleasure trips, the stricken vessel was towed to safety.

Whitby coastguard officer Rob Parkin said: “The boat had just come in the harbour when it ran aground. Following a successful rescue, everyone was safe and well.”

It is the second time Whitby RNLI crews have come to the rescue of the Chieftain.

In 2012 the lifeboat was damaged while rescuing the ex-naval vessel after it became stuck in gear, just 200 metres off shore, opposite The Metropole on the West Cliff.

Meanwhile, as volunteers were standing down from this evening’s shout, the Coastguard was called out to another incident at around 5.30pm.

Mr Parkin said: “Some young people, who we believe were foreign students, were near the cliff edge, outside the barriers, at St Mary’s Church. We gave them some words of advice as obviously it was extremely dangerous.”