Letters: Why is Whitby being treated unequally?

I read with interest in the Gazette's sister newspaper The Scarborough News a letter from a resident with regards to the redevelopment of toilets on the west pier.

Tuesday, 30th January 2018, 7:00 am

Initially I thought the council were not only looking (no action other than planning has currently taken place) to replace the bridge on the piers but add toilets.

On closer inspection the penny dropped (pardon the pun), the letter was referring to the refurbishment and redevelopment of toilets on the west pier in Scarborough.

Again, I have to raise the issue of equality between towns.

In Whitby, the borough council was going to close toilets and ultimately the town council had to step in and take over the running (saving Scarborough Borough Council £150,000 per year) of the toilets, increasing the charges and presumably, if there were a loss the money would have to be made up from the town’s precept, which is essentially a small percentage of your council tax which is allocated to the town council, the rest is divided between the county council, borough council and police and fire.

Here’s the problem.

Scarborough town does not have a precept, so any new development or refurbishment in Scarborough is funded by the borough, ie you and me, so we are not only paying to fund Whitby toilets on our own (no other funding from county or borough), but part of our tax is paying for the refurbishment of toilets in Scarborough.

Can anyone, be it a councillor or anyone else, please explain how and why we are being treated unequally?

Peter Croft

Sandpiper House