Letters: Whitby's Cook statue needs more than a wash!

The statue of Captain Cook needs more than a wash!

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 7:00 am
Captain Cook statue on Whitby's West Cliff. Wednesday 14 February. Picture: Ceri Oakes w180701d

Last autumn, the Captain Cook Tourism Association – I am its treasurer – suggested and agreed with officers of the borough council that we should commission and pay for a conservation architect to provide a Condition Report on the statue.

I gave copies of the report to the Town Council, the Civic Society and Whitby and District Tourism Association.

The main plaque on the east side is virtually illegible, the other panels need attention, all the pointing to the masonry has been washed out, and there is some damage to the bronze, the extent of which will not be clear till the guano is cleaned off.

A budget cost of £50,000 for repair and conservation by specialists was indicated.

A pressure hose and a wire brush are not the answer!

£30,000 has been pledged mainly by private interests with the proviso that the work should be done to the highest standard, with no short cuts, as befits a Listed Structure.

We are working closely with officers in partnership.

They have sought tenders for the work from four suppliers which were due in on February 26. When we know what the funding gap is, we will set to together to fill it.

The work cannot start until there is no danger of frosts. If we can raise the balance of funds needed, it should be possible to have the work done by the Captain Cook Festival, July 6-8.

If anyone would like to make further contributions, please contact me at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

Cheques payable to the Captain Cook Tourism Association will be most gratefully accepted.

Charles Forgan

Captain Cook

Memorial Museum