Letters: Whitby's Captain Cook Airport to avoid parking problems

I read with interest the article about problems encountered by the Riviera Guesthouse.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 8:00 am

The obvious solution is Captain Cook Airport!

This could be built alongside the current park and ride and eco-friendly Short Take-off And Landing aircraft used, thus requiring only a short runway. I estimate that a flight from London City Airport would only take about 90 minutes.

A small fleet of yellow planes, perhaps known as Esk Belle Airways could run things.

Catering would have to be put out to tender (avoiding those tetchy people Taylor’s of Harrogate).

Perhaps Fortunes Kippers or a Singing Kettle breakfast in the morning, Breckon’s ham, quiche, or scotch egg salad for lunch and a Botham’s cream tea or Sandgate Fat R (oops) Whitby Fattie for tea.

An underground rail system could operate serving areas currently neglected by the local bus services with the Co-op becoming a travel interchange.

Other stations?

Obviously one under Clara’s for Riviera guests, and how about one under Pannett Park.

Imagine rising from the depths in to a beautiful art gallery and museum.

Whitby already boasts a company with an international reputation for quality and expertise in design and engineering.

I therefore suggest they set up a company called Parkol Rail Air & Marine to oversee this amazing project.

This may not come to fruition in my lifetime, or with Scarborough Council involvement never in a million years.

But Whitby needs to move with the times.

Adrian Durham

Leeds Road