Letters: Whitby Whalers a force to be reckoned with

To walk into the monthly coffee morning of Whitby Whalers is to have your spirits lifted up.

Monday, 27th March 2017, 7:00 am

There is often well over 100 members at the event and there is a glorious meeting of friends retelling the events and happenings of the previous month.

Not that the members haven’t seen each other.

The 40-plus activities and events bind us together in a wonderful fellowship as we go for walks, learn to take decent photos, French, debates, writing and loads more, including dancing and keep fit and the click click of the needles.

All for the over 50s.

We have a membership approaching, or at, 600 and if churches had a small portion of the power behind the Whalers there would be no empty pews.

Many members testify, “Before I joined the Whalers I was lonely...and, “My life has been transformed by my membership after I lost a dear husband.”

The Mature Times paper is written for older people but one advert is very wrong – it says we are scrimping and saving, “to protect our family’s nest egg having worked hard all our life to leave them something.”

Far from it!

Our children say WE must enjoy what we worked for because they earn a good salary and urge us to ‘Go for it, granddad’ and ‘Why not go, you and mam?’

OAPs are not to blame for hospital or care home problems.

A fighting OAP is to be avoided, so join us!

Rev John Theobald

West Cliff, Whitby