Letters: Whitby piers - are we victims of PR smoke and mirrors?

A view of Whitby piers as the sun sets over the town. Picture by Sam Jones.
A view of Whitby piers as the sun sets over the town. Picture by Sam Jones.

With great relief and a fanfare of publicity we are all informed by the borough council, councillors and incoming mayor of Scarborough Cllr Plant, the piers are safe the money is in the bank... phew!

Let’s look at the small print - firstly the funding of £9m is broken down into three parts, the European Union, Department for Fisheries and North Yorkshire County Council?

These are the bodies funding the work.

Ah, I hear you ask, what of our borough council?

Unless I am somewhat out of touch, Scarborough Borough Council is providing the sum of squidgy dot or as a Yorkshire man nowt!

At the same point in time we read the cliff stabilisation in Scarborough will require funding from Scarborough Borough Council of between £500k to £1m but we are all equal.

This now leads me on to the definition of a pier.

I look down at the piers from the West Cliff and see one structure.

However, could it be that when is a pier not a pier – when it is an extension added to the piers and bridges attaching it separate structures. Would I be really cynical to dare to ask does the £9m include a new bridge to the east pier and renovation of said pier making it safe for the general public to access?

Cllr Cockerill praised officers who managed the coastal flood defence fund.

I presume this is the same fund and possibly same officers who used £232,000 from said fund to drain Peasholm Park and remove the silt as it was a flooding issue on the park roundabout.

Are we just the victims of spin, PR smoke and mirrors by a council which only has 11 months to local elections... please bear that in mind.

Peter Croft

Sandpiper house