Letters: Whitby housing development was intended as garden for residents

Page 9 of the Whitby Gazette carried a story titled '˜Wasteland soon to get semis and town houses' claims that a hillside development of 20 properties is on land 'which has been a wasteland for many years.'

Monday, 4th December 2017, 7:00 am

This development is on a very steep hillside behind Broomfield Terrace on land which was covenanted many decades ago for use as gardens for local people.

Some of the gardens passed in to the hands of developers and have not been managed for some years.

The area was allowed to become overgrown although many locals recall the gardens as thriving gardens.

This area was well covered with trees as can still be seen on a satellite view of the area on Google maps and became a haven for wildlife including badgers, bats, foxes, the occasional deer and many varieties of birds from goldfinch to pheasants.

This wildlife has been driven out as developers have ripped out the trees and undergrowth.

The northern edge of the sites had not been maintained for many years and became a mess which everyone hated but the rest of the site had become a wilderness not a wasteland.

Surely Scarborough Borough Council would do a better job protecting the small number of gardens and open areas for local people rather than being ‘proactive’ in helping developers build on every green space in the town.

After all we have mass development at Sneaton Castle and Larpool to name but two of the development areas in Whitby.

Is that not enough for Scarborough Borough Council?

George Dawson

Pannett Way