Letters: Whitby can split - but what’s the best way?

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For Whitby to split from Scarborough is long overdue, but we need clarity on what the alternative(s) might be.

As someone living in that part of the North Riding currently administered from Redcar, I can say that the Tees Valley Authority is nowhere to be seen.

It may be making some moves behind the scenes, but it’s most definitely not a force affecting daily life.

And although Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council has made great strides over the past decade, it’s still (how shall we say?) a bit flummoxed at the needs of rural life east of Guisborough.

So, do the Whitby separatists advocate the town and its hinterland should ask to join Redcar & Cleveland?

I would suggest not a good idea, as the ‘flummoxing’ would reach epic proportions.

Maybe a Whitby-and-Esk-Valley borough in its own right?

That could work, and I’ve long thought it would make sense ... but only if the rural East Cleveland villages were to join it.

Would ‘Whitby Borough Council’ sit well within the Tees Valley Authority?

I doubt it ... after all, Whitby has even less in common with Darlington and Hartlepool than it does with Scarborough.

For any ‘Whitby Referendum’ to be meaningful, the alternative to Scarborough needs to be well thought out and argued.

Graeme Aldous