Letters: Ten ideas of halt all dirty dog owners

I am disgusted with the amount of dog mess in Whitby.

Friday, 23rd February 2018, 7:00 am

Scarborough Council should walk around the town regularly they would understand how frustrated the residents and visitors are.

Nobody wants to see it on every street and on the beaches, never mind walk in it.

Please see below some obvious suggestions which would ease the situation.

1. CCTV I will happily pay more council tax and the revenue in fines would go towards the running and fitting costs.

2. Prosecute every irresponsible dog owner that can not be bothered to clear up after their dogs.

3. Threats are not working - how many people have been prosecuted in the past five years?

4. £1,000 fine should be issued to every irresponsible dog owner.

5. Dog bins: Whitby need more; where even are they?

6. Dog Warden: I have never seen one. Does anyone have the Dog Warden’s name and number?

7. More notices highlighting ‘Clear it up’ etc. There are plenty in Sandsend but not sure where they are in Whitby.

8. Name and shame these owners in the newspaper when they are found guilty in court.

9. Tate Hill sands is open to dogs all year round this should change to seasonal. The only way to access this beach is Church Street in the summer more tourists walking in more dog mess and when they are sick as they come off the beach due to swallowing sea water. This problem is mainly to do with this beach being open to dogs all year round.

10. I walked around Whitby town yesterday a Friday in February and saw five lots of dog mess walked in on the pavements and a dog being ill. I even challenged someone who was turning a blind eye to pick up their dogs mess on the beach.

Joanna Appleyard

Church Street