Letters: Struggle to find spaces in Whitby Hospital car park

stock exterior shot of whitby hospital
stock exterior shot of whitby hospital

On October 2, I arrived at Whitby Hospital at 9.40am for an appointment with a clinician.

Unfortunately there were no free spaces in the car park and so I parked in the disc zone near the police station hoping that the hour permitted would give me sufficient time for my appointment.

This has been the situation on many occasions when I have had morning appointments and I’ve been surprised that it appears that so many other patients and staff are using the car park.

The hospital appeared to be very quiet on the day of my appointment with few clinics that morning and it was probably too early for visits to the hospital wards.

So where were all the owners of the cars I wondered?

Perhaps a better system might be introduced such as free parking for one hour with relevant charges beyond that time.

At Scarborough Hospital, the parking fees are reasonable and I have never had a problem finding a space.

When my next appointment is due it would be lovely to find just a little space in the car park!

Rosina Rothwell

Mulgrave Road