Letters: Steep exit from beach means we will turn left to Sandsend

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Having returned to our caravan for our 14th season at Whitby, I was dismayed to see that signs for dog walkers had been altered.

On West Cliff beach, outside the chalets, we had always been directed to bring dogs off the beach via the steps near the cafe.

This has now been changed so we have to exit the beach up the very steep, green slime-covered steps towards the end of the chalets.

I fully support dog free areas but cannot see the sense in this change.

We are in our 70s but I think even younger people and children will struggle with those steps.

I don’t think this letter will achieve anything but hope it will make other dog walkers aware of the change as they set off from Upgang beach towards Whitby.

Perhaps we will all turn left instead and head towards Sandsend to spend our coffee and lunch money there.

Diana Taylor

Upper Wilshaw


West Yorkshire