Letters: Sirius - we agree on scourge of litter

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In response to Rose Rylands’ letter (Whitby Gazette, April 6), I would share her dismay at those that choose to throw litter from their cars.

I do, however, feel it is a little unfair to single out Woodsmith Mine as the cause of litter on surrounding roads.

A number of people we’ve spoken to feel the problem is no worse than usual.

I assure Ms Rylands that all of our team (including contractors) are reminded of their responsibilities to our environment and if members of our team are seen throwing litter then action will be taken.

However, we take our responsibility seriously and that’s why you’ll see members of the Sirius team doing a litter pick on the roads around Woodsmith this Friday.

Beyond that, we will be engaging a local charity to help continue our work so that the area around the mine can be improved.

Gareth Edmunds

External Affairs Director

Sirius Minerals Plc