Letters: Rid ourselves of SBC and start afresh

I see with great interest the proposed boundary borough changes.

Sunday, 7th January 2018, 7:00 am

I doubt this will, unfortunately, make little difference to Whitby.

My wish for 2018 is that we are able to rid ourselves of Scarborough Borough Council.

I cannot understand how a group of councillors and officials so far away can make effective decisions.

One has only to look where the money goes and some of the decisions they have made.

After all, Whitby residents also pay council tax.

Over the years, we note that most of our elected representatives never seem to support the wishes of those who elect them to the office.

In addition, we have a Whitby town council which seems to have little say in what goes on in the Whitby area, and is almost moribund.

If and when the new boundaries are implemented let us have a completely fresh change.

Or is that wishing for too much?

Barry Foster

High Stakesby