Letters: Pothole warning at Whitby Pavilion drive

May I warn everyone of the dangerous condition of the road surface on Whitby Pavilion Drive and suggest they take great care when walking down it.

Sunday, 10th December 2017, 7:00 am
The road surface on the Pavilion drive.

There are now numerous areas of the drive that are very uneven and covered with potholes.

We have attended events at the Pavilion for many years and always take care when walking down, since as we all know, it is busy with people and cars and is not well lit.

On Friday evening I was walking down the drive with a small group of family and friends to attend the ballet. I tripped over one of the potholes, fell face down and ended up on my left side in the gutter.

I suffered injuries to my face and wrist.

I was in pain and bleeding when I was lifted up.

When we got to the toilets in the Pavilion, I was shocked and distressed at how much blood and bruising there was on my face.

I am a fit and active elderly lady and consider myself very fortunate not to have broken any bones.

We cleaned the blood from my face as best we could and my accident was put into the accident book.

My daughter went back the following day and took photos of the drive.

The state of the surface of the road is shocking.

I am amazed there have not been more accidents.

There is an urgent need to have the road surface repaired and that it is made a priority to repair the drive and make it safe again for people to walk down.

Marney Bridge