Letters: Plea to park responsibly

Inconsiderate parking is frequently discussed at both Fylingdales and Hawsker cum Stainsacre Parish Councils.

Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 7:00 am

Very often the problems caused by such parking is brought to the attention of the parish councils by a member of the public.

People double park or park their cars where they will cause problems for other car users and pedestrians.

This can mean that cars cannot access the road because the space left between vehicles is not wide enough.

There are also dangers for pedestrians having to walk on the road when pavements are blocked by cars.

This is particularly so for people with mobility issues.

People using prams, mobility scooters or wheelchairs have even greater problems to overcome by inconsiderate parking and they are unnecessarily put in a dangerous situation.

Cars that are not parked correctly also create problems for emergency vehicles getting to people who urgently need help. Lives can be put in danger.

The police can help if there is a very urgent matter but if people would only think before they park their cars the police could be employed dealing with other serious matters.

So this is a plea to all car owners to think before you park your vehicle and be aware of the needs of other road users as well as pedestrians.

Virginia Ramsey

Parish Council Clerk,

Fylingdales and

Hawsker cum Stainsacre

Hall Pasture, Sleights