Letters: Plastic waste in landfill also needs tackling

In addition to what has already been written about the problem of plastic waste and thoughts about how to deal with this, there is also the need to tackle the recycling of expanded polystyrene and plastic wrapping.

Sunday, 21st January 2018, 7:00 am

Disposal in landfill causes pollution and contributes to the death of wildlife.

A television report showed the result of a post mortem on a kittiwake which had polystyrene in its stomach.

Gulls will search for food on landfill and dig it up so simply covering it with soil is not a solution either in the immediate or the long term.

Expanded polystyrene and plastic is recyclable and could be taken to a firm in Scunthorpe.

Perhaps we need to refuse to place these plastics in the green bins and insist that something is arranged for its safe disposal by recycling.

Also, do we need to persuade manufacturers to use more environmentally friendly packaging such as papier maché which is already used by some?

Derek Orwin

Charlton Avenue