Letters: People of Whitby '˜truly incredible'

The people of Whitby, and beyond, are truly incredible and that was so evident last Friday at The Fitness Machine.

Friday, 20th April 2018, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 20th April 2018, 3:06 pm

They turned out in their hundreds to donate a swab in support of our son, Pete, and other cancer sufferers.

They came clutching cakes and making financial donations.

They stood, patiently, in queues waiting, without complaint.

They gave up their lunch hours.

They came off the streets of Whitby, at the behest of two little girls clutching fliers, urging them to donate.

The word thank you isn’t enough.

There are no words to express how Mike and I feel about that day.

In evidence, on Friday, was genuine goodness and kindness, care and consideration at work.

We were overwhelmed and it was the people of Whitby who did it. Very special people.

We would, however, like to say a big thank you to Claire and Ian at the gym, all who helped with the swabs, all who donated a prize or cake and everyone who provided a swab, at the event or directly with DKMS, the amazing Sam Jones, who published the article in the Gazette at very short notice, and Yorkshire Coast Radio for allowing us to promote our event in an interview.

A total of 314 swabs were taken and £2,014.55 was raised for the charity.

Many people turned up who, for one reason or another, couldn’t donate and a big thank you to them.

The raffle has been drawn and winners informed. A list will be published soon.

At the end of the day this is about our son and other cancer sufferers.

We will continue to try to find a donor and there will be other events and, of course, contacting DKMS directly is an option.

As parents you never give up, whatever it takes.

In conclusion, you may like to know that Lisa, who came from DKMS, as she left, said that this event in Whitby has been the very best so far this year for them, and that includes some big ones in London.

Well doesn’t that say it all. Well done Whitby. Thank you.

June and Mike McCleave

Hermitage Way