Letters: Makes Whitby’s beach steps safe or reverse decision

Dog beach ban
Dog beach ban

I totally agree with Gillian Cope and Cllr Rob Barnett regarding the extension of the dog-free zone.

I was amazed to discover this when we hired a beach hut this week.

With me was my husband who has very little sight, my daughter with her two children aged three and six, her two dogs and my dog.

Quite why the zone has been extended because more huts have been added is not clear.

Many people who hire the huts have dogs.

When it came to going down the now designated steps onto the beach with the dogs, children and partially sighted husband, it was a scary experience.

To say this is an accident waiting to happen is putting it mildly.

As Cllr Barnett says, reverse this decision back to using the safe access point, which caused no problems to anyone, or considerable money must be spent without delay to make the steps down to the dog friendly area safe for all.

Dogs give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people, many of whom are parents and carers.

Please don’t penalise the dog owning community and visitors.

Christine Bacon

West Cliff