Letters: Funding of Whitby piers by no means assured

Thank you for your very even-handed and fair reports on both the major issues facing our town.

Sunday, 18th March 2018, 7:00 am
Whitby's East Pier extension. Picture by Ceri Oakes.

I refer to the refurbishment of the piers and the future of our hospital.

I do believe that the issues are still very much unresolved and the fundamental problems of funding remain in doubt. In other words, I am left with the impression that we are still talking about “jam tomorrow”.

Firstly, the funding of the piers is by no means assured.

Scarborough Borough Council seems to have the belief that somehow the shortfall in funding to do the job will somehow be made good by the so-called beneficiaries. (So far no joy on this!) Who are they and how are they defined?

For instance, is it a visitor who enjoys a walk and the view? Is it the charter boat owner scratching a living?

Is it the people running the amusements?

Is it the deck chair vendor?

I could go on, your readers can add their own.

In other words, the funding is not in place and the concept and levy on beneficiaries needs to be defined not refined.

Only a few months ago, we were told, as published in your paper, that the cost would be £8.5m. The latest figure is now £9m.

My second issue from your paper concerns the future of Whitby hospital.

I was at the public meeting and the disturbing thing was that this meeting was not a consultation but yet another engagement. How many alleged consultations have we had? Furthermore, I believe that to suggest that £11.9m is a godsend with which to develop a health and social care facility which is fit for purpose in the 21st Century is disingenuous and fanciful.

Once again, the money is not guaranteed unless there is an appropriate land grab.

The exact nature of the services is not known. Indeed, procurement alone will eat up a big slice of the alleged budget.

Cllr Rob Barnett

Labour Streonshalh

Esk Terrace, Whitby