Letters: Finally - Robin Hood's Bay toilets are a '˜pleasure to use'

Visiting the toilets at Bank Top, Robin Hood's Bay was once a rather unpleasant experience.

Monday, 9th April 2018, 11:36 am
Updated Monday, 9th April 2018, 11:41 am
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In fact using the toilets took a lot of courage or desperation.

Also an ability to hold one’s breath was very useful.

The toilets were in a very bad state of repair and incredibly smelly.

Scarborough Borough Council decided that the toilets must be closed.

Fylingdales Parish Council took the courageous decision to take over the refurbishment and maintenance of the toilets.

The parish council knows how very important the toilets are for local people and for visitors.

The toilets are next to a car park making them accessible for people with mobility issues; otherwise it means a steep climb up or down hill.

Also being near a play area makes the toilets essential for children to use.

Many, many months of discussions in parish council meetings meant that every aspect of refurbishing the toilets was explored.

The aim was to get everything right so that the public can use toilets that are clean and efficient.

Parish councillors have worked very hard to make this happen.

Graham Irving, the chairpman of the parish council, has especially given a great deal of time and effort to enable the toilets to reopen. Under his leadership people have been encouraged to help with the work.

The parish council is very grateful to both the volunteers and paid workers who did the refurbishment and to all who gave money towards making it possible.

So now people in Robin Hood’s Bay can be delighted to have toilets at Bank Top that are a pleasure to use and toilets that will be maintained to a very standard.

Virginia Ramsey

Clerk, Fylingdales

Parish Council