Letters: Endeavour’s first visit influenced Whitby economy

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It is interesting to read about the impact of the Endeavour Replica arriving in Whitby for its first visit in 1997.

I was there that day it arrived and I doubt we will ever see crowds in Whitby like that again.

Little though did we know the result to the town, both good and bad.

The Endeavour was the pivotal event which put Whitby on the map and swung our town economy too far towards tourism.

Most of the jobs in tourism are low-paid, offer no further opportunities and in many cases part-time.

Property has soared, meaning locals have not got a chance of buying any more, some parts of the town are mainly either second homes or in the most cases holiday lets.

The traffic is horrendous, streets packed and the town is filthy.

I keep being told there is a lot of money in Whitby now, well North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Council are getting plenty out of it.

I doubt the bridge to East Pier extension will ever be replaced.

Ian Dixon

Fishburn Road