Letters: Dump SBC but get the right alternative

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As usual, I attended the “Annual Town Assembly”, held at the Coliseum on April 18.

I was already aware that, amongst other matters, there was likely to be a proposition to hold a referendum asking the people of Whitby if they wished to do a “Whexit” - to leave Scarborough Borough Council.

Sure enough, the proposition was made and I have to say, heavily supported.

However, what I was not prepared for was the full extent of the proposition, that is to say, to leave Scarborough Borough Council and to then possibly join the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Why on earth would we wish to do that?

Absolutely let’s dump Scarborough Borough Council, who do us no favours, but why would we want to then jump “out of the frying pan and then into the fire”?

Surely good people of Whitby, if we were to leave Scarborough Borough Council, wouldn’t we want to go it alone?

And certainly not to risk our North Yorkshire status.

It’s worth adding that, as I understand it, no matter how the referendum goes, it is not legally binding but merely a statement of opinion - rather like a massive vote of no confidence.

Haven’t we all now had it up to our eyeballs?

Aren’t we all sick to the teeth with Scarborough Borough Council?

I think so.

But if we were to be granted freedom, surely we would want to be completely independent?

By the way, nice to see rather more folk there this year (35 in the audience), a 10-fold increase on last year’s assembly!

Michael W Kilpatrick

St Hilda’s Terrace