Letters: Council could do more to preserve Tucker's Field

Re: the fouling of public areas by dogs.

Friday, 30th March 2018, 9:00 am

Tuckers Field is used daily by a large number of children who cross the field to go to West Cliff School.

It is also used by a large number of dog users (myself included).

Recently I have had the misfortune to come across a considerable number of piles of dog mess close to the footpath.

Being a responsible dog owner, always in possession of an ample supply of bags, I have stopped and cleared up the mess created by the other dogs.

So come on Scarborough Council, where is the enforcement?

I would class this area as a high-risk environment, where children regularly step off the path on to the grassed areas where this mess lays.

If one child was to fall, cut themselves and be infected who would the council blame, yes it would be the innocent dog owners of Whitby who regularly clear up their dog’s mess, not the owners who turn a complete blind eye to what their dogs are doing.

So come on Scarborough Borough Council, let’s see some more enforcement and penalise the offenders.

Tuckers Field, I believe, was left to the people of Whitby for their recreation and enjoyment and I am sure if I am wrong somebody will soon put me right.

Yet Scarborough Borough Council seems to have taken that out of context and for the past goodness knows how many years have to make a commercial enterprise out of our land by using it for overflow parking and charging the motorists who park there for the pleasure.

This has bought them considerable amounts of cash in, yet they treat the area with contempt.

I talk about the incursion of a hard standing onto the field just above the Bowls Club which yearly gets larger and larger.

Recently there has been a large amount of rain and snow which has left the field in a sodden state, yet the council still allow cars to park on the field with the result that there are now large ruts all over the place and large puddles where cars have become stuck. They have even taken down the fencing on the tennis courts and failed to replace it, preferring to use the tennis courts for further parking, which completely goes against the intended use of the area for leisure and pleasure.

I remember many years ago a similar scenario, whereby Windsor Borough Council allowed same to happen, and as a result of legal action they had to return the area to its original state at a cost to the local taxpayer.

Roger Reed

Southlands Avenue