Letters: Carrying waste bags should be compulsory

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I have recently moved to Whitby and have read with interest the many articles you have published regarding dog fouling.

As a responsible dog owner, I get really frustrated when potential solutions such as banning all dogs from Whitby are proposed which would punish all dog owners when, in my experience, it is only a small minority that cause the problem.

My suggested solution is to make it compulsory for anyone having a dog in a public place to have at least two disposal bags per dog in their possession and face a fine if they fail to comply.

This could then be enforced by police or community support officers or dog wardens who could challenge individuals with dogs, and as all dogs now have to have an ID chip the people policing this would need a scanner to identify the dog and its owner.

I believe that it is very rare that anyone gets prosecuted for dog fouling but I suggest that the fine for this should be raised to something much more significant and maybe CCTV could be used more to catch offenders

There is also a need for more waste collection bins in some areas as I live on the new Scoresby Park development and there are currently no bins at all on this estate.

Nigel Gorman

Nightingale Drive