Letters: Care facilities inadequate for Whitby

I really wonder if anyone cares about the people of Whitby and what is going on at our local hospital?

Friday, 22nd December 2017, 7:00 am
stock exterior shot of whitby hospital

We learn the X-ray equipment is on its last legs and there is a new set of equipment at a hospital somewhere in the region.

Is it going to stay there? Looks like it.

What will happen to the Minor Injuries Unit? Is that going to go also?

The York Trust is pulling out and if correct Humberside is taking over. Surely they can provide all those outpatient clinics that we are to lose.

What are representatives doing on our behalf? Probably having meetings to discuss with no positive outcomes.

Additionally, what are the local GP practices doing?

All the additional housing being built must surely be putting an extra load on them all. One has only to see the queues at one of the surgeries.

Is provision being made by North Yorkshire County Council for all the additional children likely to be attending local schools?

Whilst we have to accept new housing etc, it is surely up to Scarborough Council, North Yorkshire County Council and the Local Health Commission to ensure ample provision for all.

Barry Foster

High Stakesby