Letters: Backing the call for a clean-up of Whitby area

Congratulations on your excellent articles about the disgusting state of our lovely town/area due to dog waste and litter.

Sunday, 4th March 2018, 7:00 am

We too assisted in the recent beach/cliff area litter clean and were appalled by the litter and dog waste (despite our best efforts, we both had our boots soiled with it).

We followed this up on Saturday, February 17, by collecting litter on Love Lane, Sandsend road to Toll Bar and up Cliff Lane to Newholm.

We filled one sack before Upgang Ravine and a further two up Cliff Lane.

Plastic and glass bottles, beer cans, coffee cups, nappies were the main culprits just thrown in the verges and hedges - all this collected in just two hours.

Please keep up your campaign to clean up Whitby and:

1. Encourage everyone not to drop litter in the first place (elementary, we realise).

2. Ask everyone to clean up their own front, patch, street, area on a regular basis.

3. Remind dog owners not to let them foul areas in front of others’ homes - it is unhealthy and anti-social when we are trying to keep them attractive.

4. Widen your efforts to get supermarkets to reduce their reliance on plastic - we all managed before with brown paper bags etc and had no ill effects.

We have a beautiful town and countryside - with your publicity we can keep it this way for future generations.

Thank you.

F and L Lupton

Love Lane