Letters: Are councillors up to the job?

While I support Whitby Town Council and its vote of no confidence in Scarborough Council, I would really question the ability of the Whitby councillors to do the job for us.

Doesn’t it have a senior officer living in Hunmanby?

I am amazed one can only go up the road to the Cleveland Council area which has cheaper parking, sparkling toilets and areas with less litter.

Why not down here?

One should always bear in mind that councillors are advised by officers.

Look at the planning fiascos around the Sneaton Castle development.

Who on earth gave permission for the dreadful yards of white fencing surrounding that development?

Whoever is elected to our local councils in the coming months, I sincerely hope they might require toilets when they are out and about.

Barry Foster

Manor Cottages

High Stakesby