Letter: Your chance at elections time

Moody skies over Whitby'picture: Duncan Atkins
Moody skies over Whitby'picture: Duncan Atkins

Following the success of Cllr Ian Havelock’s motion of no confidence in Scarborough Borough Council’s cabinet, on which two Whitby councillors, Joe Plant and Sandra Turner toed the party line, it is interesting to note just who on Whitby Town Council, feel that Scarborough Cabinet is doing a good job for the Whitby.

Well, Cllr Trumper could not possibly let down his mates on Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet could he?

Then there are those with less obvious ambition – Cllr Noreen Wilson, who represents us as the town’s mayor.

There were also two town council members who abstained, Cllr Natalie Smith and Cllr Jonathon Hartson.

Some would think that abstention is the same as voting for or against, without having the courage of their convictions, those same convictions that they no doubt pledged they had, when seeking votes from residents in their wards.

Let the residents of Whitby be reminded at every chance, between now and the elections in May and beyond, that there are council members on Whitby Town Council and Scarborough Borough Council who have, on that important issue, paid-lip service to the betterment of the town, in my opinion.

John McEachen

Park Lodge, Aislaby