Letter: Whitby jewel in crown - but litany of neglect

The Grand Tour tent in Whitby
The Grand Tour tent in Whitby

In my capacity as a borough councillor representing Streonshalh, I have frequently questioned the decision makers at Scarborough Borough Council and beyond on behalf of my constituents.

In short, my questioning revolves around a few key points.

1. The neglect of our infrastructure

2. A lack of understanding of what makes our town tick

3. A disregard for the democratic process and consequently the accountability of the directorate and the cabinet

In this context, I wish to cite a few key examples:

. The dredger fiasco

. The piers debacle

. The Old Town Hall farce

. The Grand Tour money black hole

. The affordable housing market disgrace

. Transport, connectivity shambles

It is pretty clear that Whitby is the jewel in the crown and contributes substantially to council coffers.

But - Whitby does not get its infrastructure spend.

Your columns point to a litany of neglect, failure to address urgent issues of infrastructure and services and disregard of the democratic process.

Only when we get the requisite understanding of what makes our town tick, will we be anywhere near achieving a sustainable development plan for Whitby.

Finally, I take my hat off to you for continuing to oppose decisions made from Scarborough Borough Council to North Yorkshire County Council to our MP.

Only such exposure will bring about an appreciation and understanding of the concerns of Whitby people.

Cllr Rob Barnett

Esk Terrace