Letter: Whitby a magical place to live in

Moody Whitby'picture: Duncan Atkins
Moody Whitby'picture: Duncan Atkins

After going through a very emotional couple of years, I decided to have a fresh start on my own.

Whitby was my choice, all I can say is that I was drawn here.

So I moved here nearly a year ago, in fact it was Goth Weekend and my married daughter said 'are you sure you still want to come here mum?'

I just want to say a big thank you to Whitby and its people.

I love it here, I’ve met lovely people through joining the Whalers, everyone is so friendly.

I’ve also got part time work which I enjoy and they have become my adopted family.

I can understand locals never wanting to leave it’s a very magical place.

So here is to the next year and you never know I might even dress up for Goth Weekend.

Lesley Ashley

Bog Hall, Whitby