Letter: TIC closure ‘unforgiveable’ suggestion

Scarborough Borough Council plans to close Whitby Tourist office is unbelievable.

The fact that they have tried to do it at a time when most people are preoccupied with Christmas is unforgiveable.

The possibility that this handsome centrally located building, given to the people by Yorkshire Water, could become a takeaway or be sold to the highest bidder to save money is simply unacceptable.

But our thanks should go to our town council for blowing the whistle on this extraordinary decision and organising an emergency meeting open to the community to discuss it.

Around 60 people came and many people spoke eloquently about the injustice of this decision. It was good to hear that Scarborough Borough Council have agreed to further ‘consultation’ after Christmas.

The mayor referred to the consultation as a real opportunity. I and many others agree, but only if the views of the community are clearly sort and effectively represented.

The real opportunity here is, I believe, for the community of Whitby to take back control of this prime site in the town and to build a consortium of local interests – social, cultural and economic – to run it alongside our town council.

Whitby needs a building that can truly showcase a community which includes innovative and ethical businesses, a thriving and creative voluntary sector and a dynamic cultural, artistic and spiritual community.

James Fearnley

The Dispensary,
Hunter Street, Whitby